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Wow! esylvia's comment's on Mr. Kuralt are so wise and compassionate. We should all be so lucky as to have such a person as esylvia in our lives. I think I'm in love!
Jane <merrie.kendrick@emrsn.com>
- Thu Mar 21 5:56:38 2002

"Let he without sin cast the first stone." Those who choose to banish Charles from their lives do so at their own expense. I have found that, for the most part, those things that we find unappealing or distasteful in others have their emmotive roots in our own mirrors. The man should be remembered and treasured for what he did to enrich our lives. We all let the world see our true selves just as much as we want to. All of us.
Ed Sylvia <esylvia@dvwf.com>
- Wed Mar 20 15:20:24 2002

We all have our reasons for doing what we do. And I'm sure that with Mr. Kuralt, it was not to hurt or disgrace, but to care. I believe he sincerely cared about Ms. Shannon and she was probably his best friend, the only one who did truly know everything about him. I loved him and will always love him. He was a wonderful jounalist.
Michelle Green <myoasis12700@yahoo.com>
- Sun Mar 17 5:29:57 2002

First of all, I enjoyed my Sunday mornings listening to Charles. He made us stop and enjoy the things around us that we sometimes take for granted. It is not for us to judge his moral convictions. No one knows what makes another person do the things they do. It may not have been that he did not love his wife. It may have been that he just needed something that his wife could not give. Let's not judge him or anyone else until we have walked in their shoes. I still admired him even though he had someone else in his life.
Katie Shearon <katie.shearon@ncmail.net>
- Mon Feb 18 10:07:30 2002

I love your book on Mr.Kuralt. I too grew up watching "On The Road"segments and remain an avid "Sunday Morning" fan. Once on vacation at Mt.Ranier National Park, I was so taken with the scenery, I wrote a postcard in what I felt was the style of Charles Kuralt. Being a regular guy, I guess I was inspired to the point of great pretentions! Anyway, it would be hard not to be inspired by his love of country and the beautiful language he used to express that love. That is what I'll remember him for.
Stephen Hunt <schunt@webtv.net>
- Wed Feb 13 19:49:20 2002

I will always admire Charles Kuralt despite the dirt some people have found on him. My Momma used to say, if you throw dirt at someone, a little of it is bound to get on you. In my own book, AMAZING NORTH CAROLINA (Rutledge Hill Press, 2002), I am writing about Charles Kuralt the way he might write about me if we had ever had the lucky chance to meet. He had a big heart and loved everyone. He was curious about everything and made us that way, too. He showed us we could still find awe-inspiring things in this life. Where is anyone like that today? Maybe in REMEMBERING CHARLES KURALT, I'll find what I'm missing, since the passing-on of someone I consider to be a great person, humanitarian, and journalist with standards. Those traits are becoming ever more rare.
T. Jensen Lacey <tcjl@hotmail.com>
- Sun Feb 10 14:28:22 2002

The article "Forgiving Charles Kuralt" has one line that I believe says it all: What does that say - not about Charles Kuralt, but about us? The anger people feel is not about disappointment. Anger is fear. The people who get angry over the adultery only see a part of themselves which they do not want to admit to. We all "fail". The reason I use quotes is because the failure is only our own perception -- not God's. Forgiveness is a choice we have that God not only allows but encourages. I choose to forgive because I don't want the burden of judgment.
Perry Smith <pedz@austin.ibm.com>
- Tue Dec 18 14:38:14 2001

Hello All, I am doing a report on Charles Kuralt and it is very sad to write this report. I have much sympathy for all his fans. I find this difficult to read this site, but I think he was an inspiration to all that ever watched his accomplishments. If anyone has any comments or would like to quote their feelings on his successful career please feel free to e-mail me at abercrombie_hottie_100@yahoo.com. Thank You and please consider emailing me! Thanks! BYE! ~*~ AmBeR T. ~*~
Amber Taylor <sunnychick_13@hotmail.com>
- Thu DEC 13 11:40:34 2001

Charles Kuralt to me was like two hours of massage, the smell of cinnamon rolls cooking, the peace of holding a small child, and Santa Claus all wrapped up into one gentle soul. I am thankful for his grace. Do I Forgive him? I'll let Charles and God work that out. I'll just continue to be thankful for his gifts. I love him for the beauty he showed us about ourselves, and the humility he showed in doing so.
Dan Keenan <dankeenan@dankeenan.com>
- Wed DEC 5 10:56:23 2001

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