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I still miss Charles Kuralt. There is an empty hole on Sunday mornings. (Even though when he retired I knew Charles Osgood was the only one who could take over the "Sunday Morning" show.) I cry when I hear his voice on tape. He brought SO much humanity and beauty to us! So, he led a life we did not know about. That was his business. I'm glad he was loved. "Let him who cast the first stone . . . "
Mary Lou Webster <Marylouwebster@comcast.net>
- Mon May 27 18:32:11 2002

Back in the 60's and 70's my family ate dinner and watched the CBS evening news. One did not go without the other. Amid the depressing news of Viet Nam and Watergate there was always one segment that we looked forward to and that was On The Road with Charles Kuralt. In those segments he presented a collection of seemingly odd people who when you considered it were not really any more odd than we were or perhaps we were just as odd as them. What I think I got out his stories was that despite all the racism, power grasping and war there was an underlying hum of every day normalcy that in any other situation was not news. We half expected that at any moment his Winnebago might pull up in our driveway and ask if he could do a story on us, a family of transplanted city dwellers running a dairy farm in Wisconsin. But, he never did and that was OK because he did any number of stories that could have been one or all of us or someone we knew or had heard of. Now that I am much older and have the occasional opportunity to go traveling on vacations I like to think of myself as a latter day Charles Kuralt searching the "highways and byways of America" for the oddly usual things that cannot be duplicated in a theme park. I often use my favorite quote from him when discussing travel and listing the important things to see before I die. "Thanks to the Interstate Highway system you can now go coast to coast in this country without seeing a thing!" I want to find the things that he found and appreciate them in the way that he did. I can hear his road calling!
Bernard J. Starzewski <bstar@newistech.com>
- Fri May 24 9:01:43 2002

You may say I am a well known columnist writing for the largest Chinese newspaper in North America. I like Charles Kuralt a lot. He and Bill Bradley, David Brinkley are my heroes. I wrote about his book "A Life on the Road" in my column which will be published on June 2nd's issue of World Journal Weekly Magazine. In my column, I purposely did not mention Kuralt's extramarital affair. As I see it, if the relationship can last for 29 years, it said a lot about Charles Kuralt already.
Xin Huai-Nan <xinbuxin@hotmail.com>
- Thu May 9 10:55:19 2002

It is funny, but when I read about Charles's long-time affair, I did not feel betrayed, but rather felt that even in his affair he showed what a kind and wonderful man he truly was. He practiced his own form of fidelity to both his wife and his mistress, never straying beyond those two women. He treated his mistress' children as his own and they called him "Dad". I think there are few, if any, of us that could carry on life so kindly. Maybe our outrage is more of a kind of self-flagellation: He was human, just LIKE us. That is all he ever portrayed, we set him up on a pedestal that he never wanted or cherished. I love him more for his frailities. He should be remembered by all for his warmth, depth, charm, and his unfailing ability to show the human experience in its best light.
Helen Imo <Imochemist@hotmail.com>
- Tue May 7 5:54:16 2002

May God bless Charles Kuralt.. He let us ride along with him, for free,now it's our turn.. I loved the man..Ain't nuthin'gonna change that.. Jim
Jim Richards <woodhead@pacbell.net>
- Sun Apr 21 21:30:21 2002

I need to find the audio transcript of Charles Kuralt's obituary of Henry Fonda. It was aired on CBS. Does anyone know if these tapes were preserved? Thank you very much. br> Mark Buchanan <mbuchanan@ssfs.com>
- Thu Apr 4 12:41:08 2002

Mr. Kuralt was one of those unique individuals that could see the silent, subtle value in things. Those life scenes that pass by a thousand eyes unnoticed attracted Kuralt in their simplicity.

I have adored the writing and speaking of Charles Kuralt for more than half my life. I am only 22, so this is hardly significant, but his wisdom has had a remarkable impact on the way I view and take in my surroundings. Through him, I have learned how to truly observe, how to listen, to people, to nature, to my own thoughts. Mr. Kuralt had the amazing ability of knowing how to appreciate what was before him as if he had never seen it before and would never see it again, a sort of "present reflection". How can one explain the value of a man that teaches the invaluable quality of living life keenly, with a sense of wonder? I will thank him for that for the rest of my own life.
Leah LaPine <vivalapine@hotmail.com>
- Fri Mar 29 15:46:32 2002

Charles Kuralt was a great man. He saw America and the people in it in a way that no one else could. He saw the good in people and overlooked the bad. We should all look at people that way, and the world would be a better place, I thank Mr. Kuralt for opening some of our eyes long before September 11. He surely was a true American.
don <nodkirk@yahoo.com>
- Tue Mar 26 18:42:57 2002


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