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I am almost through reading "Remembering Charles Kuralt" and enjoying the personal remembrances. I saw him every Sunday morning for so many years he was part of my life. I wept at his final broadcast and I really appreciate Mr Grizzle publishing his final words on his last appearance. Forgive him? There is nothing to forgive. No different than Edward R Murrow, his idol, who also strayed. I have learned, during my long life, not to judge others. None of us is without "sin".
Liz McCall lizmik@aol.com
- Tue Jun 25 6:15:13 2002

I just finished reading "A Life On The Road" and thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have all of everything he had done on television.

The book was funny, informative and a pleasure to read. But I noticed in it several times where it seemed that Mr. Kuralt was almost apologizing to his family and friends as he explained his "Life On The Road."

The USA Today article mentioned a conversation between Mr. Kuralt and a long-time friend shortly before he died, where the friend stated that Charlie had no premonition that the end was near. Well,maybe he did, and maybe he didn't. But,if you read some of the passages in this book, you get the feeling that he was trying, in a bit of a round-about way, to set the record straight.

Either way, I liked Charles Kuralt the very first time I saw him on television. No, make that, the very first time I 'Heard' him on television. I just knew that there was a kind, gentle and sincere person behind that voice. And over the years just by the reports he did about average people and simple things, I know I was right.

As to his infidelity, that was his and his wife's business. Not mine or anyone else's. It was his honest, home-grown reporting that allowed us to get to know him in the first place, not his private life. He didn't come on TV and say, "Good evening. This is Charles Kuralt and I am having an affair..." That's nobody's business, and it pisses me off to think that something so stupid, so 'human' and so immaterial to who this man was as a journalist and otherwise good person, could diminsh everything else he has done that is good. I personally don't care if he had sex with Monica Lewinsky too ,it will never change my mind about the way I felt about him as a 'reporter, and all of the good,honest reporting he brought to the American public. And the man he was to me.

The bottom line is,would you rather listen to another news report about the supposed whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, or a fifteen year old story with Charles Kuralt reporting on sweet potato farming? Me, I choose the latter. Thank you for giving me the chance to speak my mind.
Michael Mc Millian MichaPope@aol.com
- Sun Jun 23 3:43:54 2002

I live one street over from where Charles and his brother Wallace Jr. grew up. Eventhough I have only lived there for the past 10 years, I enjoy hearing all the stories told by the older neighbors about Charles and Wallace growing up. I am in my late 30's and just met Justin Kuralt, Wallace's son, Charles' nephew. Like his uncle and I am sure his father, a genuinely nice guy. I am sure it runs in the family. The comments you made about Charles Kuralt are evidently true and he will be remembered more for his excessively nice personality than his excesses in other areas. I'm looking forward to reading the book.
William Owens ncwill@bellsouth.net
- Mon Jun 17 13:51:46 2002

This note, originally sent to CBS "Sunday Morning," came to me from Kuo Yen Ng, whose mission is to unrelentingly remind CBS that Charles Kuralt should be honored by the network.

Hey, guys and girls,

Coming soon is the anniversary of the passing of Charles Kuralt, a one person assault on the banalities of communication, who uplifted Sunday Mornings for his stay.

Please show some class around July 4 and reprise a segment of Kuralt as we remembered him. Let his voice hover over the fireworks.

one small voice, Kuo Yen Ng
Ralph Grizzle <ralph@kenilworthmedia.com>
- Sun Jun 9 0:14:03 2002

I loved the way he made me feel on Sunday morning, a little more thankful that I lived in such a beautiful country - a little more blessed that the people he introduced in his stories were the common folk like myself.

He made my life so much nicer. Thank you God, for Mr. Kuralt.
Joann Lindsay <lee-jo@webtv.net>
- Thu Jun 6 0:36:21 2002

I was a classmate of Wallace (Wally) Kuralt and knew the family. At a recent class reunion, not attended by Wally, classmates were still trying to understand why Charlie maintained two families. For us just didn't fit with the rest of the Charlie we knew.
Virginia Bagby Hutcheson <hutchesonv@mi.gov>
- Wed Jun 5 6:06:49 2002

The apparent double life of Charles Kuralt does not in anyway diminish the fond memories that I have of him and his great works. His contribution to our American way of life cannot be diminished by any means. He became an important part of my life for several years, although I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally. He will be remembered by me and millions of others for his unparelled contribution to our lives. There is no way to amply describe how I became to feel about Charles Kuralt and his wonderful work. I hope he is amused by all this chatter about his personal life from his HEAVENLY PERCH.
John B Rhodes <rhodes25@worldnet.att.net>
- Sun Jun 2 11:54:56 2002


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