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I mesmerized by his show while a sophomore in highschool back in 1994. Some station would play reruns in the morning; so I would wake up and get ready for school, take my dog for a walk and catch a glimpse of a rerun, just before I drove to school. I didn't like my sophomore year, but each time I watched that program in the morning, I would step outside and feel refreshed and remembered what it should feel like to be a young kid in high school. Each story of his had its own uniqueness and excitement. How amazing was that I remember each of those shows of common Americans and I can hardly recall the last movie I saw that was surely chalk-full of stars. Although his shows were always as different as his next location, they were all similar in one sense. They all gave me a feeling deep inside that as I write this email--its hope for humanity. I miss Charles Kuralt and I will never forget him. Jeff Nesselhuf
Jeff Nesselhuf<jeffnesselhuf@yahoo.com
- Fri May 16 17:28:34 2003

Having just read a simply wonderful book by Charles Kuralt, I was saddened to learn that he felt the need to have an affair. How unfortunate for everyone concerned but that is,as he says, "humanity". We have to be the best we can be in spite of ourselves (character flaws and all) and I think he was.
vicki trotter stadler<vstadler@fordharrison.com
- Thu May 8 13:14:41 2003
Thank you for the wonderful piece on Charles and what his life stood for. He was a wonderful and caring man, and as a young person growing up with him on TV, I couldn't wait to see what stories were going to be shared with us on Sunday mornings. He reminded me so much of my dad and I also thought Charles was perfect to some degree. I was taken back to here about his "other" life when word spread about it after his death. But I'm afraid we are all human and things happen in our lives that we don't expect. I have learned that from experienfce myself. It's not to say whether it was right or wrong. People need to remember all the good things he shared with all of us that are out there in this world. I still think of him often and wish he was still here to bring us stories from all the unique places that are out there to experience. Thanks again for sharing ... Lisa
- Sun Apr 27 19:29:06 2003

Thank you so much for your information about Charles Kuralt and the essence of his goodness and giving soul in the face of criticism about his personal life.

He was a very moral man and all the "holier than thou" stone throwers should pay less attention to The Osbournes and all the other junk "reality" TV and instead, read about this man and the essence of his beautiful soul.

Attached is the HTML address to a poem that I gave to Charles years ago. He wrote me a beautiful letter back letting me know how much he loved the poem and that he shared it with all the people that worked with him on his show, Sunday Morning. I would like to share it with you and the visitors to your website.

Keep up your great work and keep the flame of Charles's compassion, caring and wonderful pieces on Americana alive for the enjoyment of so many that could so very much use the happy morals of so many of his great stories.

Sincerely, Mike Jacobs <WrdsOWsdm@aol.com>
- Tue Mar 25 9:12:35 2003

His stories were always about such interesting subjects, important though humble subjects, the knowledge of which, gives us a real sense of values. I know of no other author who writes so clearly, so simply, and so wonderfully.
Robert J. Billingsley<robert_billingsley@yahoo.com
- Sun Feb 9 11:24:49 2003

Time Escapes Me As I breathe another breath, another day. My mind drifts back to days past, some happy and some sad. These imprints on my mind will someday be gone, and so will I, as time escapes me. By: Allen C. Stilwell Traveling Through Time Think how short human life is. Some live longer than others, however all are here a short while. As we travel through life each day we have family and friends that move in and out of our lives. Good deeds, a smile given these are the tiny treasures that increase our relationship's wealth as we travel through time. By: Allen C. Stilwell
Allen C. Stilwell allen_stilwell@yahoo.com
- Tue Feb 4 19:06:26 2003

I am so glad that someone else remembers Charles Kuralt,not for the mistake but for the much greater contribution. His talent was in his "word pictures." When he described an event or a place,you could hear it,smell it and feel it. YOU were there with him!

I really resent the high-handed and brutal way that we sometimes treat our "heros." It is so sad that people are always saying that "there are no heros" and then set about to destroy and tear down anyone who is popular. Great research went into trying to undermine Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ike and others as if their human failings FAR exceeded any accomplishments. Why would anyone even aspire to be famous? The press will not allow it for long.

Who remembers that Liberace could even play a piano (that he was one of the most popular entertainers ever) or that Rock Hudson was ever known for anything other than that "he had AIDS" period" David Brinkley was for decades one of the most respected newsmen ever, but after his "open-mike" comments about Bill Clinton, Brinkley was suddenly treated as if his time was up, and we began to see less of him. I miss him too. I certainly did not agree with all of his opinions, but his sometime very sarcastic comments made you think.

No one can remember anything about Richard Nixon (even though he won in a landslide), but everyone knows about Watergate.

Just some reasons why we need people like Charles Kuralt. He was not interested in spreading rumors and tearing down lives. He reminded us of the good. The really good people doing good things in a good Country.

I guess that Paul Harvey said it best when he began a story by saying that "an unfired gun does not make any noise" meaning that we are conditioned to look and listen for the worst. Thank you
Chris Bird<c.a.bird@att.net
- Thu Jan 16 2:36:52 2003

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