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I, too, remember those awful words--Charles Kuralt died today. I'm not sure if I'm over it even now. I KNOW television isn't. As for his dalliances, in review of my own history I can't seem to find that "first stone" so many others feel justified in throwing. And, lastly, I remember Bruce Morton's eulogy to him. He ended it with the words "Goodbye old friend, I don't think we'll see the likes of you again." What more could I possibly add?
Dr. John S. Graafmeyer<jgraaf2@juno.com
- Sat Oct 25 4:59:20 2003

My memories of Charles Kuralt are all good. I was disappointed with the revelations and was surprised as were most people, but my relationship with him was as a listener of his word-picture stories. I have several of his tapes. His "A Life on the Road" and his "Perfect Year" collections of essays are wonderful. His voice, choice of words and phrases to describe what he saw -- made you feel as if you were standing next to him seeing and feeling what he saw. His selection of subjects was his best talent. Anybody can point a camera at a burning building or thrust a microphone in some malcontent's face, but Charles always seem to be able to find the softer side -- the regular people just doing their jobs or going about their lives. He showed that the "normal" people make the world go 'round. The best pilot in the world is nothing without his plane and the most impressive buildings are just pretty drawings on a piece of paper unless and until a worker builds it. Charles' favorite subjects were often the "everyman." The farmers, railroad workers, truck drivers, secretaries, or sanitation workers just doing what needs to be done. The news people are so quick to report the negative and the sensational but hardly ever seem to see the millions of acts of bravery or kindness that occur everywhere, everyday. With his passing, there does not seem to be anyone as capable as he was to share these things with us. On Charles' personal failings, Paul Harvey said it best when he stated that "we put humans on pedestals and then are surprised when they turn out to be only human." Thank you
Chris Bird<c.a.bird@att.net
- Wed Oct 22 18:44:20 2003

Ah yes, Charles Kuralt. I remember having many different emotions after reading "On the Road". I read it while stationed with the U.S. Air Force in Germany in 1989. I was amazed at the diversity and culture of Europe, but something always seemed to be lacking in that wonderful part of the world. I think it was the people. The Europeans were cultured and fun to tbe around, but they were nothing like the down home people interviewed by Charles Kuralt. Americans are very special people indeed, and I feel that Kuralt captured that essence better than anyone else. The emotions that came forth for me were the same emotions that Kuralt met in those he interviewed: compassion, hope, love, joy, and peace. Above that, though, is the true grit and tennacity of the American people which basically says that we are free to be and become all that we desire to be. Charles has guided us to a renewed respect for our own varied natures. I will never forget the treasures he has recorded for us. Alyn Wolf
Alyn Wolf<ralyn43@hotmail.com
- Sun Oct 19 13:30:10 2003

Many of our heroes were flawed. John Wayne, whose death touched millions around the world, shared Charles Kuralt's love of America, though I'm sure they differed politically. He had affairs, drank too much, and ate too much. Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth, while not heroes were icons, certainly. They had the same weaknesses. I am a born again Christian, a single father of 4, and I believe that we shouldn't throw the first stone as though we haven't done the same things as everybody else in our heart of hearts. The point of all this is that we are all only too human. We aren't any of us perfect, just forgiven. I loved Charles Kuralt, and, yes, I still do. He was a national treasure. His vision of America was one we all should seek to follow. There are no little people and no little places.

Deep in his heart, Charles Kuralt had a love of wet green lawns and apple trees, rolling hills and fishing holes, tall mountains and rich verdant valleys. He loved people most of all, I think, the people who had no power, in most cases, no fortunes, no fame, often little or no education. May fellow Christians forgive me, but I think Charles had a great deal in common with the God I worship: he loved humanity, he loved much of God's creation. I think he even loved all of us, as God does every day. And he found early on that it was more worthwhile, for everybody's sake, to look at the best in people, not the worst, to look on the bright side, not the dark. I miss him. I will never think it was a coincidence that Charles Kuralt died on the 4th of July. I think it was God's "atta-boy" for a job well done. I hope when I get to Heaven, one of the first faces I see is his. I want to shake his hand and give him an atta-boy from me. May his tribe increase, though it isn't very likely to, is it.
Tom Gilman<trueblueoberon@earthlink.net
- Sat Aug 2 18:38:12 2003

You have a very unique and thoughtful website honoring 2 great men. Thanks.
- Thu Jul 24 16:55:04 2003
The Man Charles.... I have been following his foot steps from the America book, from Maine to Minnesota, and talked with a few of the folks Charles included in his book.. They all have wonderful things to say about Charles and I too think he was a great tribute to the Grand Ole USA... Lets hope he is never forgotten!! Jim Keller
jim keller<aljjdkus@yahoo.com
- Thu Jul 24 15:19:32 2003
The Man Charles.... I have been following his foot steps from the America book, from main to Minnesota, and talked with a few of the folks Charles included in his book.. They all have wonderful things to say about Charles and I too think he was a great tribute to the Grand Ole USA... Lets hope he is never forgotten!! Jim Keller
jim keller<aljjdkus@yahoo.com
- Thu Jul 24 15:16:39 2003
I have just finished reaning ON THE ROAD with Charles Kuralt and it was down to earth and wonderful I could not put it down.I am going to my library and get the rest of his books I used to love to watch him he was wonderful what a member he became. Rilla Beal Martinsville va
Rilla Beal<rjb@adelphia.net
- Sun Jul 13 18:00:16 2003
Wow, what a beautiful article. I can't believe christianity would allow people to be be so judgemental. I thought the bible taught to "judge not lest ye be judged". My husband of 18 years chose to abandon my two children and me. He had three other women and a child with his secretary. He is not in our lives. My children are devastated. At least Mr. Kuralt had the decency to keep his affair a secret and his family intact. we don't get to pick who we fall in love with. He must have known extraordinary love and loved those around him.
Linda Strawser<ldstraw@aol.com
- Sun Jun 22 2:14:37 2003

I never missed Charles Kuralt's Sunday Morning, or any of the wonderful specials he did while traveling about America. He was simply the VERY BEST. To this day, he remains my favorite all-time-television person. He interviewed folks as no one else, before or since. He cut throught the clutter and got right to the core of whomever he was speaking ...and we were all enthralled I treasure the books I have that he wrote....and the cassettes..... Each Christmas I listen to his telling of the "Santa Train"...... Yes, I was surprised to hear of the affair he'd had for so many years...but that never took away from the admiraton and great fondness I continue hold for this fascinating story teller.... ..Charles Kuralt. Again, HE was the BEST.
Michele Caywood<dcaywood@1st.net
- Mon Jun 16 8:13:40 2003

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