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I feel compelled to add my thoughts after watching this Sunday's 25th Anniversary show of Sunday Morning, fifteen years of Charles Kuralt and the last ten with Charles Osgood. I must tell you that when the image of Charles Kuralt comes on the screen and that rich voice that touches the core of my soul speaks and talks about every day life, my heart opens up to the true beauty of the human experience. At Charles' memorial service at Alice Tully Hall, someone said words about Charles that I never forgot. " HE TURNED NEWS-COPY INTO LITERATURE" Charles Kuralt was a catalyst of beauty for all of those with a sensitive soul that surrounded him. It is so easy these days for so many to get lost in the quagmire of junk and trite TV that surrounds us. Those of us that know the true spirit of Charles and his message of love and art being the key to inner and outer peace must be his quieted voice in our own journey of life to bring this message to those loved ones in our lives. We are not a different breed, but rather we are a group of people who were fortunate enough on our "on the road" of life to find the rare souls like Charles that so well water the sensitivity of what oftentimes these days is the dysfunctional parched wasteland of television and movie entertainment. I truly feel blessed that Charles Kuralt left his footprints on the sensitivity of my soul. Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs<WrdsOWsdm@aol.com
- Mon Jan 26 6:39:43 2004

I just want to say that Mr Kuralt gave me more tears of joy than any other person I have seen, read, or known. Good bless his soul.
Bill Zalot<billzman@mindspring.com
- Sat Jan 3 7:31:04 2004
I'm looking for a set of 4 audio tapes Charles Kuralt made when he visited 12 of his favorite places for a month at a time after he retired. I can't seem to find them on a website.
Rita Murphy<ritam@girlscoutsmtc.org
- Tue Dec 30 13:03:25 2003
Regarding Charles Kuralt, I miss his On the Road shows. I wish someone would rebroadcast some if not all of them. He kept us glued together. He was our Mr. Rogers of the road.
Rose Weiner<PeteyMay@aol.com
- Sun Dec 21 1:03:56 2003
I still miss Charles Kuralt on Sunday mornings. He was able to go and see places I can never go to and make me feel as if I had been there. He was an artist of words and pictures. I pass no judgement on him as a person. He was a human being and as such he is just like me. I too have faults. I too will pass from this life someday and would hate to think that because I made some mistakes during the journey that others would say the life was worthless..... God Bless Charles and his memory.... Lynda Stewart
Lynda Stewart<lynda@digitalpassage.com
- Sun Nov 30 8:42:39 2003
From a long-time fan of Charles Kuralt's work and someone who also enjoys the gift of being "on the road" - all the best to his family and friends. Frank Davie FL
Frank Marques<sawgrassbike@netscape.net
- Tue Nov 25 13:03:15 2003
Having read all of Charles Kuralt's books many times and, likewise, enjoying Ralph Grizzle's "Remembering Charles Kuralt" countless times (i still keep it on the nightstand after all these years) i can safely say two things. The first being that charles was so expanded in his thinking and empathy towards others that most certainly he had a natural inclination toward excess. This is called being human. I think that many of us put charles up on a pedestal and held him to unrealistic standards that none of us could ever truly measure up to. Second, if we look at the life that charles led, with his constant travelling (and the lonliness that comes along with that) who can say what they would have done to fill that deep void in their life? To coin a phrase "let him cast the first stone"...
- Sun Nov 23 8:21:22 2003
I can never ride by the old UNC campus cemetary without looking up the hill and thinking about Sir Charles. I try to visit his place of rest when I can and reflect on the lessons we all learned through his search for common goodness across this great land.He spent many years on the road in this quest. A true Carolina prince has come home now and we are all so much better for his journey. I think it's time for another visit up that hill. Thanks Mr. Charles Kuralt
Devon Sharpe<devonsharpe@earthlink.net
- Mon Nov 10 10:35:24 2003

I miss Charles Kuralt (and the early days of Charles Osgood) when Sunday Morning was a true American Magazine that made Americans feel good about our country. Today Sunday Morning has turned into a "Bagdad Blood and Guts", crime and scandle showcase. Where are the "Postcards from Nebraska, a visit to New England fishing villages, Rocky Mountain beauty, REAL American PEOPLE and new Orleans charm??? Yes Kuralt and early Osgood...America misses you.
Neil Ross<thorns22@flash.net
Richland Hills, TX USA - Sun Nov 2 7:28:58 2003

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