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i was just sur the web for some cbs sunday moring stories and came across this charles kuralt story the report was speaking of him in the past tense i had no idea that he had past on my wife said it had just happend him and his family had been killed and that had his son in custody. [Note from Ralph Grizzle: This is inaccurate. Charles died of complications from lupus on July 4, 1997] it mademy hair stand up that he was gone i reall injoy him in the moring news. i dont keep with current events that much but whn i come across stories like this it really hits home as i write these comments im sitting here in shock that hes gone i hope they catch the person or people involed. boy i just can not belive hes gone hes gone be missed by me i wish some day i could be half the man he was. most people re just stuck in the same old town never leaveing were the roost not knowing about the rest of american but charles made that happen. he brought the rest of american right in to our homes w did not have't to go there he brung it to us. dern what a waste of a good person.i was gone say some something to he family but there gone to. my deepest prayer go out to the friends and people who love him and new him for his work and a person. yours truly robert wilburn inventor/ of the airN go airation traction device TAKE CARE CHARLES see you on the other side. ROBERT.
robert wilburn
- Mon Jul 12 2:11:16 2004
Charles was a journalist as well as a historian about his homestate. He shared his knowledge of NC with the people of NC. Had it not been for CK some North Carolinians wouldn't know as much about NC, living here all their lives. He shared with the American people about the states he traveled. Most places CK visited would never make the most visited places in the US so therefore we would have no knowledge of those places. Thanks to CK who loved his home state and loved America and cared enough to share with his neighbors from everywhere.
Gwen McIntyre<ghgm@triad.rr.com
- Sun May 30 11:39:12 2004
It was probably in the spring of 1974. Charles Kuralt was giving a talk at St. Lawence University in Canton, NY. Two of us went down to hear him speak. It was a warm and outgoing conversation. I say conversation because he made you feel that he was tlking with you directly, and not with 500 others in an auditorium. After the talk we got lucky. Kuralt agreed to sit down with any of the media people presetn of some candid conversation. Working as a volunteer for the Clarkson College radio station WNTC qualified us to attend. Kuralt spent over an hour telling us about his interviews and the wisdom he had learned through those experiences. Those were magical moments. When it was over Kuralt had impressed us on another view of working in the media and of life. It was a more positive an human focus on each. All of us were changed by his gracious sharing with us. The leasons of that night still affect my view of life today. Gary Landrio Warren, PA
Gary Landrio<landrio@westpa.net
- Sat May 22 20:28:33 2004
I just borrowed a set of "On the Road" videos from my public library. I was so enthralled, I couldn't stop watching until I'd seen them all. The stories & the people reminded me what it really means to be an American. Mr. Kuralt has left us quite a legacy. His work will continue to touch us for many generations!
Christine Maiden<kris00010002@yahoo.com
- Tue Apr 13 20:13:12 2004
Just finished listening to an audiobook by Charles Kuralt, on a long drive from Louisville to Salt Lake City, which I purchased at a used bookstore in Bloomington Indiana last week. I haven't cried in years, but found myself unexpectedly sobbing at his story of the 92 year-old Russian dentist, saved from starvation in a German prision by some Americans,a nd still filled with boundless gratitude years later. I vaguely remember that story from its broadcast on the CBS news, which sent me on a search to see if any of the On the Road TV newscasts have been saved, and perhaps marketed on DVDs, which led me here. Joe
Joe Buchman<joe@jbuchman.net
- Tue Apr 13 11:42:20 2004
Charles Kuralt admirers, like myself, may be interested to follow this current event...there is a retired Connecticut journalist named Joe Hurley who is in the process of walking Historic U.S. Route 6, which at one time was the longest highway in U.S. history, from Provincetown (MA) to Long Beach (CA) - 3,652 miles! In the spirit of Charles Kuralt, he is writing newspaper stories about the people, places, traditions, and history he finds "On the Road". You can find out about Joe and his walk by visiting his website at www.route6walk.com. He is posting journal entries there and checks e-mail frequently. I know Joe appreciates any support, spiritual or financial, people can give. Sincerely, Doug Smith, President Envision Linesville, Inc. www.envisionlinesville.org
Doug Smith<webmaster@envisionlinesville.org
- Thu Apr 8 5:00:04 2004
After accidentally finding an old tape of what may have been one of the last Kurant shows, I went onto the Web and put GORDON BUSHNELL into a search engine. Your site came up. For ten years I did a show called AMERICAN MONTAGE on the old UPI Radio Network. Kuralt was my hero. Never crossed paths with him and that's a shame. Thanks for the tribute. We all loved him. Radio and TV are different. We won't see that again. America has changed too.
Dennis Daily<newscaster@earthlink.net
- Mon Mar 8 17:00:12 2004
Its funny how we react to people, we deem as saints, . . . once when we find they are human like us. Thanks Charles K for not taking the bait that most reporters take. Instead your public source of fame came first by telling the great stories . . . You helped us all see how interesting we are. And I only hope it was as enjoyable for you as it has been for all of us. jc
- Sun Mar 7 14:01:50 2004
Over the years, I have also tried to reconcile how significant Charles Kuralt was in my life. I felt hurt when I discovered his adulterous affair, but I couldn't completely chide his memory away. He did influence his viewers and listeners in realizing how to express themselves with more finesse, to take time to appreciate how lucky all of us really are to live here in America, and genuine compassion for one another and for all people. I think that's the best way to honor his memory.
John Ferris <johnferris10@hotmail.com
- Thu Feb 5 13:02:35 2004

I am a lifelong professional broadcast engineer at the local affiliate level. I was saddened at his passing and then shocked at the other revelation, after his death. For the longest time I didn't know what to think about Mr. Kuralt as a result of the revelation. Now, I have decided. Rather than think ill of him for being human and having some difficulty in his personel life, I choose to remember him for the outstanding work he did in broadcast journalism. He brought a gentle, slower paced thoughtfulness about our nation and it's culture in a medium driven to a frenzied pace by time & money. I choose to remember Mr. Kuralt for the good he brought to the lives of the people who saw his work. Any of us should be so lucky to have a similar a body of good work to call ours, at our passing from this life. For me, Mr. Kuralt will always be "On The Road".
Jeff Pearce<jeffpearce1998@yahoo.com
- Mon Jan 26 12:23:02 200

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