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There is nothing to forgive. He met his true love, his soul mate, and made the best of it. He didn't flaunt his association with his love. A book of this love story should be written, so we lovers of Kuralt can share in his joy. Kuralt shared a piece of himself in his writing and video segments. I can only imagine this lady is not interested in sharing her private moments with Kuralt. I often wondered why he spent a lot of time in Wyoming and Montana fly fishing. I had a heart triple bypass in 1994. So, when he had his bypass, I wrote to him in care of CBS, but I never received a reply. When I saw the cover of Charles Kuralt's America book, I recognized the background, Pemaquid Point lighthouse. I was there before I saw the book, and had painted a watercolor from almost the same spot. So, that's as close as I ever got to see him. We were there at the same location, but at a different time. Too, bad. No, nothing to forgive, more power to him. Reluctantly, he chose to exit, as many great Americans did, on the Fourth of July. I keep wishing that Sunday Morning would make note of that each 4th. He would have. A small voice, Kuo Yen Ng
Kuo Yen Ng <kuoyen@earthlink.net>
- Tue Jul 31 16:00:43 2001

Charles had a rare ability to find virtue in the every day lives of Americans. His story is an American story. With so many divorces in this country today, why should we be surprised about his affair. He obviously still had some sensitivity to his wife's feelings. He still felt an obligation to her and their children. Today so many men just walk out on their wives. Kuralt's heart was too big to do that. He must have felt very stressed over his double life for a long time. Loving two women can't be easy.
Marcia Kozubek <mkozubek@hotmail.com>
- Thu Jul 26 14:49:42 2001

I felt and still feel that Charles Kuralt was a heartwarming journalist and there has been no other like him before or since. I happen to feel that those who choose to ostracize him after his death are mean spirited and low minded. His personal life should have been just that, his personal life. I abhor the tendency of Americans and the American media to look for an expose' on everyone in any type of public life. I felt the same way about President Clinton. We muck about in what is really not our business and those who do it would feel it the most if the tables were turned on them. I loved Charles Kuralt as a Journalist and believe his memory should be as sacred now as it was during his lifetime. There are no perfect people.
B. L. Hammond (Ms.) <buffalobl@yahoo.com>
- Wed Jul 11 13:54:46 2001

I agree. Even when we were students on the Hill back in the 50s, we all knew Charlie was destined for greatness. And he was great---in so many ways. My only regret was that I never saw him again after we left Chapel Hill. I always used him as an example in my journalism classes at South Carolina
Flip Latham <K4JHL@earthlink.net>
- Tue Jul 10 20:16:50 2001

Charles Kuralt has always been a hero in my book and the fact that he loved another woman and apparrently his wife also, doesn't change my view of Charles.
Ron Stowell <rjs003@hotmail.com>
- Sat Jul 7 18:15:31 2001

I cannot tell you the joy I've felt in reading "Remembering Charles Kuralt". I have loved Charley for many years and when asked, 'if stranded on a desert island who I would pick as my companion', I've always responded 'Charles Kuralt'. When asked why, I've replied "Because he has the dearest and most sensitive heart and he is the most wonderful storyteller God as ever placed on this earth'. As for forgiving Charles Kuralt....I have only this to say...how am I able to judge anyone...let alone such a talent..God does not grade sin...we all have our shortcomings. Nothing Charles Kuralt has done will ever diminish his incredible talent and the gifts he has bestowed upon all of us. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a very gifted and dear man. Sincerely, Lynne Storm
Lynne Storm <storm@caltel.com>
- Mon Jun 25 21:25:27 2001

The works of Charles Kuralt are a timeless gift to us all. We must judge him on the merits of his genius, lest we lose sight of one North Carolina's greats. His ingenuous eye for art and beauty in a story and his mastery of the telling, best conveyed by him vocally, will continue to warm our hearts and clear our vision indefinitely, thanks to his books, tapes, and videos. Kuralt's penchant for revealing art and beauty in life's most mundane settings makes him a vessel of optimism in a sometimes-thirsty world of pessimists. Kuralt was a prospector for treasures beyond gold—treasures that abound in life and are free for the harvesting. Perhaps his legacy is that, through his labors, we will learn to think like 'Charles Kuralt' and, thus, make for our world a better place?
Ed <ecrockett@nc.rr.com>
- Thu Jun 21 13:42:08 2001

I awoke at 3 a.m. today and just finished your Kuralt compilation. It was one of those Christmas presents your family gets you because you still have the worn out socks from last Christmas. It brought tears, smiles, and many remembrances. I'm one of those 50 year old people who grew up in the 60's and 70's with Kuralt being our reporter on real life. I remember the evening news going from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length. Regardless of the real news, it was always the last 5 minutes of "On the Road" that the room was quiet, the newspaper put down, and the attention focused. It always left one feeling a little better, like after a big sigh. Those were times, as always, when teenagers and parents rarely agree, but Kuralt's messages always brought nodding approval. I moved to NC 18 years ago and certainly this makes the people and places in your book all the more real. Thanks again for helping me revisit my own past.
Robert Leo <edmdleo@vvi.net>
- Wed Jan 31 5:05:09 2001

Dear Charles, One of my big regrets is that I only got to know of you so comparatively late in your life, via the re-runs of "On The Road" on The Travel Channel. I just would like to say that the charm and the talent and the professionalism that you displayed in those programs touched the heart of this Englishman like so few other people have done before or since. Thank you for so entertainingly reminding me of the goodness and the endeavor that lies inherent within the human spirit, and which nowadays I, like so many other people, so often choose to overlook. Your broadcasts and tapes and books will long continue to serve great purpose in that regard. Thank you for showing me some of the more delightful idiosyncrasies and eccentricities that exist within the American people, and for explaining to me the qualities and elements that go into making the great American nation so unique in this world. I know that you would not wish for any lengthy eulogies from me here. Let my expression of praise to you, therefore, be a brief and simple one: Thank you, Charles Kuralt. I doubt that any of us will be lucky enough to see your like again. David Blakey, Oregon, USA & Yorkshire, England. January 2001.
David Blakey <daelyn1@eudoramail.com>
- Sat Jan 13 3:46:31 2001

I am a serious collector of Charles Kuralt works and want you to know that I enjoyed your book immensely. As a career airman during the 60's and 70's, I often felt that his "On the Road" segments on the "CBS Evening News" brought my generation back to reality and what being an American really meant. Right or wrong, many of us supported our government and our participation in the Viet Nam War. I do disagree humbly with both you and Charles in that I believe his works will survive into the future and may very well become classics of the personae of American life during this period. Your contribution to his legacy will be appreciated and significant. Remembering Charles with you,
Ron Meuse <meuser@mail.atlantic.net>
- Sun DEC 31 9:34:57 2000

It's a pleasure to come upon a website dedicated to Mr.Kuralt. I have always admired his and Somerset Maugham's styles of writing . ~~I'm a writer too but not so famous - I did a book for Oxford Un. Pr.,THE KRIS and a recent novel for Asia Lit. Pr., TO PLEASE A CHINESE WIFE. Both are reviewed on Amazon.com and are getting good attention. Thank you for the nice surprise about Charles Kuralt. Edward Frey author, Asian art.
Asia Author Edward Frey <chitsu@webtv.com >
- Thu DEC 28 17:42:26 2000

This past weekend, I did a signing at Blowing Rock. I met a lady who had attended high school with Kuralt. She said she did not know him, but they often passed one another when the classes changed. "I was really fat," she told me, "and as a consequence, I wasn't all that loved." But Charlie always had a big smile and a wave for her when they passed in the hall. "Not everyone was that nice to me," she said. On the same day, the owner of the book store where I was signing, told me that some people refused to buy anything by or about Kuralt because of his extramarital affair. A 50-ish man overheard us and said, "I would have thought that made him more interesting and would have sold more copies the book." I told him how I thought that those who judged Kuralt (to the exclusion of all the good he did) were being overly self-righteous. "They're not the kind of people you'd enjoy spending much time with," I said to his agreement. About that time, his wife walked in. Not realizing I was the author of the book, she waved her finger at a copy her husband was holding and said, "I'm just not interested in that," and abruptly walked away. The man shrugged and said to the book store owner, "Think I'll take this copy of the book." On another signing, a woman walked up and said, "I'm so angry at that Charles Kuralt." Oh no, I thought, here she goes. "It should have been me! Why didn't he choose me as the other woman?"
Ralph Grizzle <ralph@kenilworthmedia.com>
- Sun Sep 10 9:00:40 2000

I was raised in charlotte, NC. While I never met Charles, his mother was often in our home. Our family had foster children and whenever they had to go to the doctor, Mrs. Kuralt would be the social worker that took them. Almost everytime I would get to go along and hold the child. Mrs Kuralt was one of the finest moment I have ever known and had a way about her that always made you feel you were very special.
- Sat Aug 19 18:47:02 2000

I read your book, wanting more. I wish you could have included Wallace Kuralt and Patricia Shannon. Kuralt's love was the road and obviously, Shannon. If she isn't already writing her book, maybe you could ghost write one. I sense a love story there, flyfishing together on the Blackfoot river, for example. Maybe Kuralt kept his own account. Back to your book. I like it. kuo yen
Kuo Yen Ng <kuoyen@earthlink.net>
- Sat Jul 29 7:58:36 2000


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