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Charles Kuralt was investigated by the FBI. [Author comment: Yes, writer Jon Elliston interviewed me for the story. - Ralph Grizzle]

Here's an excerpt: "Kuralt was hardly a radical, but some of his best reports told the stories of American underdogs: coal miners, dispossessed farmers, unions on the wane. He also reported from several Cold War hot spots, including revolutionary Cuba. At the same time, Kuralt was unabashedly patriotic, and usually steered clear of suggesting solutions to the social problems he reported on."

Because he reported on Cuba, Kuralt was investigated in those post-McCarthy days. Click here to read the entire story.

Mon DEC 3 6:53:45 2001

I only knew Mr. Kuralt, through his travels. He took me to a world full of goodness — where the people were the same. They say our God, is a forgiving one — can we do any less? Thanks for being his champion.
Kit Thornton <Kit_596@prodigy.net>
- Fri Nov 16 13:08:16 2001

I am a short-timer on enjoying Mr. Kuralt's work. I too loved the travels he spoke of, and his sincere impressions that made you want to go to these places. A friend loaned me his audio tapes while I was on chemo in the hospital. His voice and stories took me away from my pain and into relaxation and another realm. I respect his professionalism and as someone who never knew him, I understand "missing him."
LLLangston <langstrio@msn.com>
- Wed Oct 17 22:46:17 2001

Thank you for having this wonderful site. I have been an admirer of Kuralt's work for many years, and after having been something of a homebody for my first 32 years, "A Life on the Road" inspired me to strike out and travel, too. Thanks to following his example, I've had a chance to see more of this country and its people, and to find out more about myself in the journeys. As for his private life, well, Kuralt understood the humanity of his subjects. They were not perfect, but he showed what made them special. Perhaps his own human frailties made him understand the rest of us so well. I would rather know the truth about this very human, and humane, man than see him depicted as some cold statue. I leave the judgment of Kuralt's private life to God; that's his job, not ours.
Marie Lamb <mlamb@twcny.rr.com>
- Mon Sep 24 22:37:24 2001

I loved this story teller.
RosaLee Sheard <rodick@psci.net>
- Sat Sep 22 17:35:16 2001

I so enjoyed the book. My grandfather has also so enjoyed his audio books. Because of macular degeneration he is unable to read. I hope it comes out in an audio version soon.
April Moore <apmoore@state.pa.us>
- Sat Sep 15 15:41:59 2001

Thank you for the kind comments and gracious attitude towards Charles Kuralt. Many hours have been spent enjoying Mr. Kuralt's hopeful look at our human condition. I miss him.
Jim Contopulos <contops@pe.net>
- Mon Sep 10 5:31:21 2001

The revelation about Mr. Kuralt's secret life is that again our standards for a married man are down graded. Honor and character does matter this is the standard that we should set for our children. We cannot separate character and honor from life achievements.
Mary Lee <marylees@dri.edu>
- Wed Aug 22 15:59:58 2001

bettywhite <bettywhite8@hotmail.com>
- Sun Aug 19 11:26:00 2001
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